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Zosia-Samosia, która załatwi każdą sprawę. Estetka i miłośniczka porządku. Zakochana w kolorze błękitnym i długich spacerach po plaży. W poprzednim życiu była molem (książkowym). W obecnym jest bardzo zajęta spełnianiem marzeń i załatwianiem niemożliwego.

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Mia Designs BIG SALE!!!!

And also Girls have for you some freebies
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Starlight Designs and Lily Designs

I made some new LO's. Some to my CT's and some for pleasure :)
I love kits Lily Designs so I use them often.
Here is my work:

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O.N. Designs and Starlight Designs

The Essence Of Spring - Collab With NewLifeDreams By Ondesigns

We have a beautiful season : Spring .
There is always so much going on. Every year, you get to see the birds flying home and the flowers blooming.
You get to smell the fresh air, not full of cold or ice, but warmth and happiness.
You can feel the butterflies, swarming around you, landing on you for luck.
Who can forget the way lemonade tastes on the first day of spring?
It goes from being just another beverage to being a delicious treat.
The sounds of spring also make a smile form on your face, the sounds of kids running to school or playing in the park.
Scrap your spring photos and celebrate that wonderful time of year with this beautiful kit !
Be sure to check out the additional previews for lots of examples of the kit in action!
This is a huge kit! We hope you enjoy!
Personal Use and Scrap for Hire OK

This collab contain

238 Elements, 26 Papers & 2 Alphas

- 12 Ribbons
- 9 brushes
- 24 frames
- 9 leaves
- 24 flowers
- 2 hedgehogs elements
- 1 frog
- 1 fairy
- 1 house
- 2 lace border overlays
- 2 pearls trees
- 1 paper tree
- 3 glitter butterflies
- 6 butterflies overlays
- 3 kites
- 1 bird cage
- clouds
- 3 word arts
- 2 lace butterflies
- 7 hearts
- 3 laces
- 2 outside lamps
- 2 buttons
- 2 staples
- 1 nest with birds
- 1 balloon
- 2 bees embellies
- 2 rhinestone flowers
- 9 stitches
- 1 glitter rain
- 1 lace bow
- 1 wooden pin
- 6 bows
- 1 border tree
- 1 jewel butterfly
- 1 jewel flower
- 3 feathers
- 3 wings
- 2 umbrellas
- 1 leather tag
- Brackets
- 1 raphia butterfly
- 9 strings
- 1 magic flower
- 3 raphia flowers
- 1 cinnamon element
- 13 embellies
- 1 swing
- 1 bonhomme
- 16 doodles
- 1 butterfly pearls
- 11 decorated strings
- 3 diamonds overlays
- 1 grass border
- 1 flower border
- 1 bow with eyelets
- 1 glitter border
- 1 white butterfly
- 2 used overlays
- 1 sequin center
- 1 belt
- 1 quartz rose

That page has gone to GSO at DST :)
"The Essence Of Spring" - Collab With NewLifeDreams By Ondesigns
photo by JJ

BEDTIME STORIES by Starlight Designs

Includes: 12 papers-all 12x12 and 300 dpi
66 elements -all in 300 dpi

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Mystique Designs and SM_Kalina Designs

"When fairies sing" by Mystique Designs

That page gone to GSO on DST :)
"When fairies sing" by Mystigue Designs
photo by artko

Summer love by SM_Kalina

61 elements
12 papers
3600 x3600 pix 300dpi.

That is RAK for my webfriend JJ and her dd Emily. Justin you make so gorgeous photos!!
And that page has gone to GSO on DST :)
"Summer love" by SM_Kalina
photo by JJ

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Em-Ka Designs and Mystique Designs

Glorious Spring By Mystique

After several months of cold weather all we're waiting for is for flowers to bloom, heralding the coming of spring. Warmth hidden in their colours, the freshness of cut grass, sun's rays gently caressing our faces, inviting us for an evening walk.

This kit will help you immortalize these moments thanks to 82 high resolution elements and 10 unique papers, all in 300dpi. The kit includes:

1 bench
1 door
1 violin
3 spring sheep
1 bicycle
2 bunches of butterflies
3 various ribbons
5 various green branches
6 flowers
2 ribbon frames
2 string frames
2 leaves
1 frog
1 lamp on a string
2 strings
1 fence
2 leaf frames
5 WAs

And much, much more.

Have you ever dreamt of having a wonderful souvenir from a trip by the sea?? Have you brought souvenirs from the ocean? Can you imagine an enormous amount of colours and exotic sea animals??
Now you have a chance to move to that mysterious world and conjure up something for you and your relatives, friends.
Colourful fish, crabs, starfish, amazing plants, shells and marvellous depths are only some pieces of what I’m offering in my new kit “ Colourful island of treasures”

I assure you to bring astonishing souvenirs from this amazing trip from the bottom of the ocean.
Enjoy yourselves!!
"Colourful island of treasures" enables you to make many compositions; it consists of 80 elements of high quality (300dpi), 12 papers and 2 x alpha. The elements don't have shadows - shadows were only added for the purpose of the preview. Some elements appear in recolored versions.
The "Colourful island of treasures" contains:
12 x papers
9 x colourful fish, crabs, starfish
5 x mermaid
4 x octopus
4 x air bubbles
4 x doodle
21 x shell
2 x fishing nets
5 x cord
7 x frame
1 x steering wheel
9 x water plant
1 x lotus flower
7 x coral
1 x pearl
2 x alpha

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O.N. Designs and Lily Designs

Not yet summer,

but unseasonable heat

pries open the cherry tree.

Then, as afternoon cools

into more furtive winds,

I look up to see

a blizzard of petals

rushing the sky.

by D.C. poet Judith Harris.

18 papers, over 80 beautiful realistic elements, 300dpi, realistic shadows

The Spring will end soon and you can already smell the air of Summer!

This collab contains:
20 papers in 12x12 (3600x3600), 300 dpi
1 full alpha including scandinavian letters
179 elements (some in shadowed version)
1 wordart

RAK for my webfriend Misiaa
"Anticipation Of Summer" - Collab With MK Designs By Ondesigns
photo by Misiaa

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Starlight Designs, Mia Designs

StarLight Designs The Sweet Emotion

Includes: 10 papers -all 12x12 and 300dpi
65 elements all in 300dpi

Rak for my webfriend Sylwia vel Misiaa
"The sweet emotion" by Starlight Designs
photo by Misiaa

Mother's Day is around the corner . If you wanna surprice your mom or make a beautiful page of yourself and your kids this is kit just perfect for it.Full of bright colors and flowers just like a month of may .


7 papers all 300 dpi 3600x3600 jpg files
and 57 realistic elements
lots of flowers ,leaves bows and ribbons .Some of them comes in few colors,

4 wordarts
all 300 dpi , png files

This is RAK for my webfriend AgataMg and her son Kamil

"Mothet's love" by Mia Design
photo by AgataMg

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Scrapidea Timkowa, PST Designs and SM_Kalina

"See breeze" by SM_Kalina

81 elements
12 papers (3600 x 3600 pix 300dpi)

In the misty morning, there is little fairy dancing. With the wings from moonlight dust, with the diadem from magical leaves. She is dancing around the charming tree and singing magical fairy tale song.... all your dreams and wishes comes true.

PST Designs kits are now S4H friendly.

This kit includes:

13 jpg papers

67x png element:
1x mirror frame
1x old paper frame
1x mirror with space
1x mirror
1x mirror 3frame
1x chair
3x plant doodle
2x bow in 3 colours
1x bird in 2 colours
1x net blossom in 3 colours
1x wings in 2 colours
2x silver ring
1x silver misty cluster
1x white mist
1x misty splashes
1x window
5x purple flower (crocus)
1x white flower (snowdrop)
1x white flower blossom (snowdrop)
3x white blossom
1x misty fall in 2 colours
1x purple mist
3x cramped leaf
1x heart in 2 colours
1x mist gusher in 4 variants
1x sparkle dust in 2 colours
1x sparkle mist
2x dotted clouds
2x white doodle
1x silver spiral
1x bubble in 2 variants
1x silver diadem
1x diadem from leaves
1x gate
1x tree
1x star cluster

4x frame template
6x wordart

Moss Path by scrapidea-timkova

Do you love trips to the nature! I and my family love walk in the outdoor ,especially in the woods.
This kit is perfect for all your outdoor photos,for family photos but is great for childrens photos too!
Included is:
15 textured,realistic and patterned papers
Lower and uppercase wooden alphas
More than 80 ellements:
staple,stitching,wines,waterdrops,conker,hedgehog,dirt,cloud...and more