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Zosia-Samosia, która załatwi każdą sprawę. Estetka i miłośniczka porządku. Zakochana w kolorze błękitnym i długich spacerach po plaży. W poprzednim życiu była molem (książkowym). W obecnym jest bardzo zajęta spełnianiem marzeń i załatwianiem niemożliwego.

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"Misty" by PST Designs

"Misty" by PST Designs

In the misty morning, there is little fairy dancing.
With the wings from moonlight dust, with the diadem from magical leaves.
She is dancing around the charming tree and singing magical fairy tale song.... all your dreams and wishes comes true.

I lifted LO "Sea" by Monic
That's a RAK for my webfriend Marypop
"Misty" by PST Designs
photo by Marypop

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Mia Design & Mystique Design

"Buuble bath" by Mia Design

Time to take a bath
Wash all the dust off from the path
Scrub off whatever grime I may hath
It's time to take a bath
~ Gemini

We all love to take baths and have lots of pictures of our children at the bath tub , this full of bubbles and water drops kit was made to make those kind of memories look perfect!

including 7 papers
all 3600x3600 , 300dpi, jpg files
5 bubble WA - all 300 dpi , png files

and 53 elements all 300dpi - png files
lots of bubbles , water drops , bathtubs, frames and swirls

this kit includes free blog template as a gift for you !
also QP freebie

"Bubble bath" by Mia Designs

"My little sea adventure" by Mystique Design

The summer holidays are still a few months away, but with the year's first rays of sun, we all wish they'd be just around the corner. To help you ease the longing, we have prepared a sea-themed kit. Now close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves. Feel the sun on your skin. Now channel these memories onto the canvas with the help of this wonderful kit.

All 63 elements were made with our trademark care in high resolution (300 dpi). May cointain traces of nuts, but no shadows whatsoever.

"My little sea adventure" by Mystique Designs


"Twinkle twinkle little star" by Mystique Design

"Twinkle twinkle little star" by Mystique Design

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are...

Dreams is the main theme of this new kit from Studio Mystique. Transform your layouts into your children's fantasies, where teddy bears roam and plush birds come to life.
All elements were created with tender love and care in 300 dpi so that regardless of your experience, your pages will look like the work of a professional.
Whether you want to make a layout to share with your friends, a wallpaper for your desktop or a digital card for your loved ones,
this is the kit for you.

The kit includes 12 papers (3600 x 3600, 300 dpi) and 93 shadowless elements (300 dpi):

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"Spring children's picnic" by Em-ka Designs

Spring Children’s Picnic by Em-ka Designs-
it’s a kit prepared especially for a little princess and her colourful dreams, joyful trips to the meadows, conversations with little friends such as birds, fireflys, a little frog, a butterfly and a beloved little rabbit. However they’re not only dreams – they’re shared family picnics, spring trips out of the city and expectantly shared journeys. It’s a perfect kit for preparing family souvenirs after having such picnic, trip or shared play.
It consists of 70 elements of high quality (300dpi), alphabet and 12 marvellous papers.

12 original WA
connected with the topic of
spring and picnic. Some of
them may be used as frames.
5 of
them were made by Aga aka Novaczka.

6 original spring and very cheerful QP
dedicated to a small girl. QP have been prepared from the elements that come from the kit entitled “ Spring Children’s Picnic” . They have been made by great and very creative girls from my CT. Each QP is of a high quality (300 dpi), 3600x3600 pxls

You can also get
Spring Children's Picnic freebie-
it’s a mini kit prepared especially for a little princess;
Mini kit includes: 5 elements and 1 paper

"Spring Children's Picnic" by Em-ka Designs
"Moss path Wordart" by Scrapidea Timkova
photo by Violett

"Spring Children's Picnic" by Em-ka Designs
"summer breeze" by Tiramisu

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"Power spring" by SM_Kalina

"Power spring" by SM_Kalina
Beautiful kit with spring elements and beautiful papers.


I have made a scraplift for a DigiScrap challange.
Here is an original made by Pam1

"Butterfly kisses" by Diamante
Collab kit "Impressions of reneval" by Studiogirls of SBG
"Spring children's picnic" by Em-ka Designs

"Playing with Wordart" by Natali Designs

I got RAK from Kimla Designs.
A beautiful kit "Mummy's treasure"
Thank you Kasia. I love that kit!!

"Mummy's Treasure" by Kimla Designs
photo by Babelek

"Pecheur d'Etoiles" by Dydyge

With stars in his eyes with this great kit with contrasting colors.
Directed by Dydyge This kit will allow you to highlight your photos for shiny pages!
It contains:
- 52 items
- 18 papers

"Pecheur d'Etoiles" by Dydyge
"Greeting of Spring Wordart" by Scrapidea Timkova
photo from www.deviantart.com

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Katrins Design

"Magical flowers-reloaded" by Katrins Design

20 Paper 3600 x 3600 / 12 x 12 /300 dpi

over 95 elements
2 different Overlays
1 piece of paper with shadow
1 piece of paper without shadow

3 bow elements
3 different ribbons
3 round bow elements

3 snor bows
4 snor-frames
4 wood-buttons with bow

1 paper frame
3 b
2 clothes-clips

3 different stitches

3 different acryl b
4 acryl flower frames with dots

4 acryl-paper flower frames with dots

3 paper flower frames
4 different etiquetts
1 tacker
1 white button

2 different tulle ele
1 tulle bow

17 magical flowers

3 different bird elements

1 butterfly

2 different wood frames

2 clear buttons

14 acrylbuttons with wor

That's a RAK for my webfriend Etrala
"Magical Flowers - reloaded" the Kit designed by Katrins Design
"Inked Frames III" by Diamante Designs
WA "Summer breeze" by Tiramisu
photo by Etrala

"Cherish moments" by Katrins Design

19 different Paper 3
600x3600 / 300 dpi
117 elements

-5 different heart stamps

-1 disc without heart stamp
- 1 disc with heart stamp

- 1 swirlheart
- 1 acrylpearls-heart

- 1 raffia heart

- 1 heart-hanger
- 2 different brushstamps

- 2 glittersplash
- 2 buttons with snor
- 2 pins
- 6 different etiquette
- 1 acrylheartbutton
- 3 bracket
- 2 tags with shadow
- 2 tags without shadow

- 1 papertorn
- 2 different acryl clouds

- 1 hinge

- 2 different cloth-dekoration
- 1 tacker

- 1 white lace
- 1 feader
- 1 suitcase
- 1 swing

- 1 chicken wire

- 3 different ribbons with hearts
- 1 ribbon with button

- 1 frame ribbon
- 4 other different ribbons

- 3 swirls
- 1 diamont flower
- 1 diamont rain
- 3 different diamont-rope
- 1 diamont butterfly
- 4 different stitches
- 1 heart stitch
- 2 bears
- 1 tree with buttons
- 1 tree without buttons
- 8 different frames
- 2 different acrylframes
- 1 paperoverlay
- 1 heartoverlay
- 5 different flowers
- 1 leaf

- 1 ivybranch

- 2 different cloverleaf

- 1 lily of the valley
- 3 different branch with green leaves
- 1 circle string frame
- 1 garland with hearts

- 3 different frayed fabric with heart
- 3 different hearts with stitches
- 1 acrylbutton without words
- 2 different acrylbuttons with the words "I love you"
- 2 different acrylbuttons with the word "Love"
- 2 different acrylbuttons with the words "You are the only one for me"

1 glasalpha
- big letters A-Z

- numbers 0-9
- 1 clear alpha-button

- signs: . ? ! & , @ ( ) *

credits: "Cherisch moments" by Katrins Design
"Inked frames III" by Diamante Designs
"All you need is love" by Natali Designs

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Scrapidea Timkova

"Greeting of spring" by Scrapidea Timkowa
This kit is full of flowers, leafs, twigs, birds, trees...in vibrant colors, perfect for your spring pages!
Includes:16 papers-solids, paterned, distressed, artistic... all 300dpi,12"x12".jpg file
Alpha-upper.lower and numbers

"Moss path" by Scrapidea Timkova
Do you love trips to the nature! I and my family love walk in the outdoor,
especially in the woods.
This kit is perfect for all your outdoor photos,
for family photos but is great for childrens photos too!
Included is:
15 papers
Wooden alpha
More than 80 ellements

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"Ready to enjoy the spring" by Dydyge

Celebrate spring with this great kit
"Ready to Enjoy the Spring" by Dydyge.
You'll be enchanted by the freshness of its colors and its beautiful textured paper.
It contains:
- 14 papers
- 56 elements

"Ready to enjoy Spring" by Dydge
"Summer breeze" by Tiramisu
photo from deviantart.com

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"Impressions of reneval"

Dziewczyny ze sklepu Scrapbookgraphics
przygotowały dla nas piękny collab
"Impressions of reneval"
Zestaw dostępny jest od dziś w Scrapbookgraphics

A oto moje prace z tego ślicznego zestawu:

the collab kit "Impression of Renewal" by Scrapbookgraphics

the collab kit "Impression of Renewal" by Scrapbookgraphics
"Love wordarts" by SussieM
photo by Violett